If you’ve read the article in http://artofbeingamom.com/2018/05/6-ways-make-your-garden-great-kids/, then you know that adding a pool is great for your kids. Well, swimming is also recommended for kids and even adults!

Here are the reasons why swimming is ideal for both the literally young and the young at heart:

It’s like flying.

Child Wet Dug-out Pool Swimming Water Fun Swimmer Baby

Finally, you can sing“I believe I can fly!” Pool water can serve as your sky where you can spread your wings and enjoy the flight. Floating is just like flying—there’s a sort of freedom and weightless liberation. It feels exactly like you have wings. Trust me.

It encourages you to go out of the house often.

Swimming could also mean more sun. And studies have shown that the heat of the sun provides energy and vitamins for our bodies. You’ll also be able to enjoy more beautiful sunrises and sunsets if you have a swimming pool in your own yard. You can even teach your kids about the value of nature while observing the sunrise while you’re all dipped in the pool.

It relieves you of stress.

Swimming is definitely one of the sports that will make you feel more relaxed and confident. Believe it or not, children nowadays also get stressed especially with the growing demands of schools. If you have a pool on your property, you and your kids could have an accessible staycation place where you can both have quality time while destressing.


Your pool can be your quiet and refreshing sweet escape. No papers. No gadgets. No emails. No anything. You’ll just be thinking about having your alone time—your time to rejuvenate. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your pool is maintained correctly, unlike when you swim in a public place and share the pool with strangers.

It’s an excellent workout.

Swimming makes your heart and lungs healthier. It also allows you to lose those unwanted fats by toning your muscles. With swimming, you can say goodbye to those fats that prevent you from having the body you’ve always wanted. Studies even show that it can build endurance and muscle strength. Swimming can also help you maintain a healthy weight. In fact, even pool cleaning can be a physical workout!

Learn more about cleaning pools here.

Swimming is forever.

Even older women with severe arthritis can enjoy swimming. It’s a great sport not only because of the advantages mentioned above but also because even adults can enjoy it. It’s an ideal exercise for the elderly because water can gently support the muscle. It’s perfect for those who can’t participate in high-impact and high-resistance workouts.

It’s one of the most famous Olympic Sports.

Rio_2016_Olympics_-_Swimming_6_August_evening_session_(29069205342)Yup. You read that right. Ever since 1896, swimming has been one of the most popular sports in the Olympics. And its fame is proof that it’s one of the best sports out there for you and your kids.