Life has taught us valuable lessons and sometimes it takes the hardest lessons before we could finally learn from them. I have a broken knee and had undergone several surgeries and countless therapy sessions just for me to be able to walk again however with difficulty. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience.

The hardest part of having an injury is the thought that you cannot play basketball again.

When  I was diagnosed with severe torn knee ligament, an injury in the tendons that that connects your kneecap to your shinbone, my doctor told me that it was so damage that I have to undergo surgery. I was told that after surgery, I can’t play hard the way I used to. I was told that recovery would take a week or months depending on my body’s ability to cope from the surgery. I was devastated that I can no longer play basketball, the only sports I know since I was a child. I grew up from a family with lots of boys and basketball is the common denominator in the family. Everyday we practice our shooting, we will die just to block someone’shot that’s how passionate we are in playing basketball. Because after every game, we go with bragging rights on how well we played. But now, I can’t be the person I used to be in court. That’s the hardest part of all these.

Don’t ignore body recurring body pains.

basketball player

Before I was diagnosed with this injury, I always experience this excruciating pain in my knee. I have drank and applied all the medications in the pharmacy because I thought this was only a simple stress on my knee. I thought that by drinking medications and stretching will make it go away but I was wrong. I ignored all the signs till I heard a snapping sound while in the heat of our basketball game. The pain was so strong I thought I’ve broken a bone. I am a man who could tolerate a lot of pain but this time, I can’t bear it, I had to cry. Lesson learned: Don’t ignore recurring body pains, always consult your physician and have yourself checked. In the end, prevention is so much better than cure.

Take therapy seriously.

Therapies will cost you a lot of cash. Some of health care providers don’t cover it but if your’s cover it, well you just save yourself from thousand dollars of hospital bills. At first, I was reluctant to go on therapy because I know I can do it on my own. I’m a sporty guy after all, I have knowledge about these things; however professional therapist’s help will make your healing faster. The fact that they have more knowledge on recovery exercises, they also will give you professional advice on how you can speed up your body’s healing mechanism. When it finally dawned me that I had to take this seriously, my progress became faster. It waited almost one year after that incident to play basketball due to fear that it may happen again. But basketball is something I won’t be able to resist forever so I am back in court but this time, I’m playing cautiously putting my body first than winning.