Hockey game

You are probably noticing that we love three letters. Aside from supporting NBA and NFL, we love NHL as well. Our group loves to play hockey so NHL will not be missed on our website. Hockey is a famous sport in US, Canada, and other countries. They have approximately 30 teams from US and Canada combined. You should not miss the conferences as there could be so much happening you might miss. Just like basketball and football, hockey comes with some drama everyone is dying to watch.

Tampa bay lightningTampa Bay Lightning

Just like other teams, Tampa Bay Lightning is inconsistent with their team play. They have struggles on and off-ice which resulted their profitability as a team but after realizing their failure they come back strong and united as a team. Despite their struggles, we still like this team.

calgaryCalgary Flames

They are members of the Pacific Division of NHL. They just don’t do great things on ice, the team has donated $32 million to charities to help the people in Southern Alberta. They particularly sponsored Alberta Children’s Hospital along with Rotary Club. They are known to have supportive fans who would be willing to do anything to cheer for them which most of the time leads to chaos

boston bruinsBoston Bruins

They are one of the oldest teams in NHL. Bruins helped the team to be back on track by changing their logo and training approach. Under Bruins command, they gained respect again from devastating season in 2007. They won several championships which the took as a sign that they have broken the curse of Bambino.

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