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No longer a peasant game

We are also NFL fans. Football is another team sports and that is why we love it. Before they treat as a peasant game but today it is peasant game no more. Just imagine how much a single ticket would cause you just to get a glimpse of the huge football field. Another reason why we love football is because of the super bowl commercials.

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Favorite Hall of Famers

Gary Zimmerman

He’s from Fullerton California and was the line man of Minnesota Vikings from 1986 to 1992. We can’t forget the day he won the Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers. What we like about him is his aloofness to the media. It’s okay because he was born to kick not to talk to the press.

Steve Young

He was the quarterback for Tampa Bay Bucaneers and the Los Angeles Express (USFL). This guy deserves to be the hall of famer, just look at his track record, it was always consistent. Aside from his incredible portfolio, this guy can act too. He appeared in Fraiser and Lois and Clark as Lois ex-boyfriend who happens to be a quarterback too. After football, he spends his time doing business and investments. With all those cash, he participates with ASCEND, an organization that helps African and South American countries.

Lawrence Taylor

We like him because his play is so dynamic where any opponent will really have a hard time keeping up. He was the linebacker of the New York Giants. He suffers from personal problems which lead him to alcohol and drug abuse. But it’s never too late for him to change, he was given second chance to bring his life into order.

Those are just top 3. We’re sure that you want to add more on the list. You may send us an email to let us know who is your favorite hall of famer and why.

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