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NEC-Z1 is a group of sports geek. NBA is part of our addiction and everyday life. We cannot go through a single day without going checking on the standings of our favorite teams. The best team in NBA is the number one argument of our group. We entitled to have our own opinion, aren’t we? Even as a group, there are still differences on our preferences when it comes to basketball but at the end of the day, the friendship remains.

The teams we love

Oklahoma City Thunders  Cavaliers


NBA continue to surprise us with new personalities and their stories. But we should never forget the legends such as Michael Jordan, Spencer Haywood, Elvin Hayes, Tom Heinsohn, Joe Fulks, and many more. What we love about NBA is the unpredictable happenings in the court. There were hopeless situation turned to championships and great teams suddenly hit the rocky bottom. Basketball is not all about shooting the ball, but it is about team play. A team could have a star like Lebron James, but the participation of the team is so important that it determines the teams’ chances of going to the finals.

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