mma fighting

So far this is the only sports we like that doesn’t involve multi-player. At first, we find the fighting style so touchy for men. But after we joined some martial arts lessons, we understand why those touchy moves are necessary. MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sports which require full body contact. The player has to go through a rigorous training to improve strength, stamina, endurance and pain tolerance. Our group also find it a great work out to bring those sexy abs back.


Disciplines an MMA fighter should master

Muay Thai

This martial arts is originated from Thailand. It trains you to use the “eight limbs” which represents legs, knees, elbows, and fist.


This is where that touchy part came from. Grappling wants you to know how to lock your opponent to a hopeless position where he could tap as a sign of defeat or he’ll wait till his arms or legs are broken to keep his pride.


The principles of karate is useful because it uses striking techniques that targets your opponents weak points. The players who are known for using karate in the ring are Chuck Liddell, Bas Ruten and Stephen Thompson.


Boxing is a must-learn for MMA fighters because it teaches you to protect yourself from strong blows and also helps you dodge attacks. It helps you maintain proper footwork to maximize the ring and assess your opponents style of fighting.

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