Why Swimming Is One of the Best Sports

If you’ve read the article in, then you know that adding a pool is great for your kids. Well, swimming is also recommended for kids and even adults!

Here are the reasons why swimming is ideal for both the literally young and the young at heart:

It’s like flying.

Child Wet Dug-out Pool Swimming Water Fun Swimmer Baby

Finally, you can sing“I believe I can fly!” Pool water can serve as your sky where you can spread your wings and enjoy the flight. Floating is just like flying—there’s a sort of freedom and weightless liberation. It feels exactly like you have wings. Trust me.

It encourages you to go out of the house often.

Swimming could also mean more sun. And studies have shown that the heat of the sun provides energy and vitamins for our bodies. You’ll also be able to enjoy more beautiful sunrises and sunsets if you have a swimming pool in your own yard. You can even teach your kids about the value of nature while observing the sunrise while you’re all dipped in the pool.

It relieves you of stress.

Swimming is definitely one of the sports that will make you feel more relaxed and confident. Believe it or not, children nowadays also get stressed especially with the growing demands of schools. If you have a pool on your property, you and your kids could have an accessible staycation place where you can both have quality time while destressing.


Your pool can be your quiet and refreshing sweet escape. No papers. No gadgets. No emails. No anything. You’ll just be thinking about having your alone time—your time to rejuvenate. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your pool is maintained correctly, unlike when you swim in a public place and share the pool with strangers.

It’s an excellent workout.

Swimming makes your heart and lungs healthier. It also allows you to lose those unwanted fats by toning your muscles. With swimming, you can say goodbye to those fats that prevent you from having the body you’ve always wanted. Studies even show that it can build endurance and muscle strength. Swimming can also help you maintain a healthy weight. In fact, even pool cleaning can be a physical workout!

Learn more about cleaning pools here.

Swimming is forever.

Even older women with severe arthritis can enjoy swimming. It’s a great sport not only because of the advantages mentioned above but also because even adults can enjoy it. It’s an ideal exercise for the elderly because water can gently support the muscle. It’s perfect for those who can’t participate in high-impact and high-resistance workouts.

It’s one of the most famous Olympic Sports.

Rio_2016_Olympics_-_Swimming_6_August_evening_session_(29069205342)Yup. You read that right. Ever since 1896, swimming has been one of the most popular sports in the Olympics. And its fame is proof that it’s one of the best sports out there for you and your kids.


The Benefits of Sawing and Playing Sports

Playing your favorite sports and using different kinds of saws can both be beneficial for you. Here are the nine advantages you can get from the two:

Goal Setting

When you use a saw, say, a tile saw, your target is to finish cutting tiles so you can use them right? Setting your goal is essential as it makes you have something to look forward to. Goal setting is also applicable in sports whenever you aim to improve your performance level and be better than you did before.

Boosted Self-Esteem


Both activities also make you experience that self-fulfillment. Achieving your goal at the end of the week will make you feel more energetic to play sports again the next week. It’s the same with using saws. After using a tile saw from Gabriel’s preferred tile saw brand, you’ll feel accomplished, and this feeling will boost your self-esteem.

Toned Muscles

Using saws can help you tone your muscles especially if you’re using saws that are a bit heavy. Sports can also give you the form you want. It can strengthen your muscles so that you’ll have a stronger body. Playing any sports will get those outer and inner muscles toned up.

Healthy Heart

Playing sports and using saws can also keep your heart healthy by helping it pump more blood. Bear in mind that those two activities are also considered as a type of exercise.

Stronger Bones

Aside from toning up your muscles and strengthening your heart, both activities can also improve the strength of your bones. These two can even help prevent osteoporosis because no one wants to live with that.

Balanced Cholesterol Levels

Playing sports and using saws can maintain lower cholesterol levels too. That’s because they are a form of workout which keeps your body active. Want to say goodbye to unwanted fats? Play tennis or get yourself a table saw!

Improved Concentration

Ollie_Banks_playing_against_Stamford_AFCIt will be an understatement if I say you need to focus when using a saw. I mean, it’s common sense. To finish a task that requires sawing, you’ll need to concentrate on the saw and the material. You also have to think about your safety. This makes the activity a mental exercise that can keep your mind sharp. Likewise, playing sports includes learning, critical thinking, and using good judgment. You need to pay attention to the details around you when you play sports. A study found that those who play sports 3-5 times a week for at least half an hour receive more mental health benefits than those who don’t. That’s enough reason to play sports!


Playing sports involves discipline; your diet and whole lifestyle are affected because you know what you do with your body may affect how you perform in your favorite sports. Sports instill discipline and so does using saws. When you use one, you follow the procedure and safety guidelines to come up with a successful piece of work.

Enhanced Mood


Lastly, these two activities can help relieve stress and improve your mood. After cutting branches using your pole saw or after playing badminton with your friends, you’ll feel more relaxed and happier! These two can trigger brain chemicals that are linked to happiness and relaxation. If you don’t believe me, then maybe you should try these two activities ASAP!


How to get sports ready body

Develop a routine

Sports is just not an exercise but rather it’s a routine which involves everyday practice. Developing a routine enables your body to get used to the physical pressure it has to undergo everyday. It makes your body healthier and energy levels to reach its peak. If you are used to sitting all day, you find yourself lacking energy for other things you need to do. So the first step in getting a sports ready body, is to change your habits and routines.

Quit smoking

This step might be the most difficult for those smokers out there. Smoking is an acquired habit that is so difficult to change when you already practicing it for years. But smoking weakens your lungs which explains why a simple walking can make you out of breath. Quiting smoking is an integral part in developing your routine, this is one of the habits you have to eliminate if you want to become stronger and fit.

Don’t forget to stretch

Before every exercise, you should do stretching first. This is an overly used tip in exercising yet a very important one. To avoid sprains or other injuries due to heavy physical activities, one must stretch first prior starting any exercise program. It prepares your body specially your joints and muscle for the physical stress your body will go through. So again, don’t forget to stretch.

Track your performance


In any sports, it is important to check the progress you are making everyday. Record your progress by writing it down or you can use free applications to record it for you. Knowing that you are progressing can motivate you more and you’ll find it addictive. You’ll set higher standards for yourself and would like to beat your score everyday.

Work with a coach

If you are really serious to become great in sport of your choice or if you simply just want to be healthy and fit, working with a coach makes it  a lot easier. There maybe video tutorials in youtube which could also be effective and also won’t cause you a single dime; however, personal touch is still different. We know this because we have tried many methods just to get the level we are now. Working with a coach is more effective because you get real time feedback on what you’re doing wrong, what are the things you have to work on, and he or she can tell you right away that you need to go through some preparation before going into the program to avoid injuries and health issues.

Motivate yourself

Everything in this world is about mind game. You have to change your way of thinking to achieve change because doing the same thing over and over again without results is just a waste of time. Most of the time people start an exercise program and when things gets tough they give up and they start another one again. Don’t let yourself get stuck in this rat hole. Every time you feel like you’re giving up challenge your mind not to give in. Focus on the goal. Motivate yourself because if you won’t, who will?