E-Sport Betting and Counter-Strike

What’s an E-Sport?

Electronic sport or e-sport refers to structured video gaming competitions among teams or players. Competitive games are all around, and they’re a lot. Examples of these are League of Legends, Quake, World of Tanks, Dota 2, StarCraft2, and of course, Counter-Strike. eGamingBets are in-demand too as they are used by cybersport fans to bet on e-sport games ever since 2011. You’d be surprised to know that various sponsors support different tournaments and leagues all over the planet.


How do you bet on CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is probably the best multiplayer first-person shooter game out there. Technically, CS:GO betting has the same method as betting on any other sport; you place your bet on either of the teams depending on who you think has the most significant advantage to achieve victory.

Most teams have strong line-ups that focus on the individual talent of each team member, but the best groups are the ones who know how to work well in a team and communicate with one another to strategize their play.


Betting on CG:SO is kinda simple. When you gamble on who will win a match, it’s called Money Line. This means you’re betting on the result. The odds depend on how strong the team was depending on their previous win-loss record and other situational elements. Your payout is the result of your stake multiplied by the odds.

Take note that a match also consists of individual Maps, which means you can also place your bet on the victor of each Map and the overall match winner. There are various Maps, and since some teams are also stronger on some Maps than others, this means CS:GO betting may not reflect the chances of winning the entire game at all times.

Where Can I Bet?

csgo-fast-newCSGO Totem gives the top CS GO betting websites where you can place your bets safely. Trust only these sites. Bear in mind that a lot of scammers have been increasing in number ever since CS:GO betting became a thing.

Why CS:GO Betting?

CS:GO introduces Maps and a particular team’s master of them. This is something other multiplayer games like League of Legends and Dota 2 don’t have. Because of this, a group playing CS:GO can be considered a dark horse when it comes to winning the overall match, but their powerful performance on a certain Map can turn them into the favorites for betting on that specific Map.

Final Reminder

counter-strike-global-offensive-e-sportBefore placing your bet, remember that the key to triumph in CS:GO depends on the individual talent and collective skills of the team.